Blessed and Pressed



Do you have a head full of hair?

If the answer to the question is yes you are blessed to have that blessing of a full head of hair as a woman, Then I’m sure that the responsibility of its upkeep and maintenance is no surprise and nothing new to yourself.

Now if you ever heard the saying I’m too blessed to be stressed also comes a time too blessed to be pressed but also with that I understand that to have strong healthy hair to be pressed you have got to be blessed..

In a time where people struggle to find the necessary nutrients to have their body function properly and their nails, hair, and skin to grow strong and healthy, we want to Acknowledge the special and beautiful Queens to take care of themselves and make sure that they do not leave the house sloppy and then make sure that they use our products so that they can have their hair straightened if they wanted.

How we rise above the competition.

We rise above the competition by eliminating competition by not being composition anyone other than our selves by offering our tried tested brand and to protect our craft and make sure that we bring the best products on the market.

Now yes this is obviously easier said than done due to the fact that there is this other company who gets a whiff of our customers satisfaction rating and retention and wonder how our blogs continue to engage our following and grow then so organically.

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