Fear the Fro!


Now by Fear, we don’t mean be afraid of the beautiful natural style of Afro.

Now here at our supplier we are manufacturers and producers of products and tools that allow you to feel your unique style of beautiful whatever that be.

Therefore having said that let me just put this out of the disclaimer that we have so much love for our straight haired clients and customers And we have what many think of us as carrying are top notch rated systems and straighteners if that is your own shade of style.

But now in a day in age where the after was beginning to rise back Up as a symbol of natural unapologetic natural beauty, And it would be remiss of us to To ignore this very much so thriving and beautiful part of our clientele and customer database.

Beyonce’s Vivid Super bowl performance in 2016

Has brought to the attention of the world back onto the movement of the times in the era of the Afro style and how she paid tribute to the Black Panther Movement that was active during that time of opression in a house of many positive aspects of it what they did out shown with be negative things that people like to associate them with on another person time.

Nevertheless to all of the natural style where is those who rebelled against the weave and said they’re just know that their natural beauty show through about you and we say that you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

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