Part The Hair like the Red Sea


Too many times.

Has a barber that had messed up a hairline and cause it to look at strange and look very discombobulated and removes to swag in the coolness that you had intended to acquire the first place.

And then there are some barbers that will part you and they will in line you up so precisely super straight making you look like a Picasso painting after they got you working this way.

Just imagine if you were one of the children of Israel the following Moses out of the land of Egypt in their bondage and heading to the promise land or they knew they would be free.

Imagining that in front of you were before you saw the great expanse of water you now see some dry land in between two great walls of water rising up on either side.

We like to think that our top of the line brand of hair clippers and hair trimmers cause of that kind of precise parting.

Our companies top of the line revolutionize registered trademark of hair cutting into my system for men is one of its kind that allows men to feel confident in their barbers ability and confident that they have the best tool possible to conquer this task if they wanted to do it by themselves.

And just how you will call the parting of the Red Sea a Miracle is just how we know that there is miracle-gro and nutrient food that you put into your hair and scalp to stand strong.

The Mind Under your Hair

Molecular Thoughts

Have you ever stopped to think about your thinker under the hair we help you to upkeep?

And you become a class all your own when you find yourself able to press passes habitations that went to stop and went to settle.

That is not best service you at your highest potential in Venice also not something that the greatest of the greats of the champions even such as Michael Jordan saw themselves.

Realizing that the work even in this moment in his time in his farm right now is more about the quantity than the quality of realizing that there Is a desire for the art to come back in to the scene.

The art like this issue right here this is the elite class!

Unparalleled by any other shoe any other style any other piece of footwear that allows you to have this level of comfortability and Details that are specifically geared towards the modern-day athlete in the their needs on and off the court and pavements.

When that limit with that line of limitation comes up that limits you but yet you reconnect with the desire that you have to finish and complete the project and restart Your mind so that you can actually focus until you reach the completion of the task at hand.

To be able to know that you know that you know that your feet are shot with the preparation of the gospel of the greatest preparation to be ready for the battlefield add we continue to share instructions in our writing.


Hair Whipped For that Special Day



One Love, One heart, One Song, we keep your hair on fleek for the frame.

That moment that creates the opportunities and say that I do when the man sits down on his knees and he brings up the ring to put on a special finger in the women’s hand.

That very same finger that is designated to represent a ring that is a symbol of love and dedication till death parts.

And may what God put together no man put asunder there for saying that its that ring that represents A special covenant between two people, their families, and their God that binds them together in a union to make them as one.

The Startling a divorce rate,

That exist in the context of those who are married in the past 40 to 50 and 60 years is somewhat alarming when we look at the fact that there are ideas in a propagating within the culture of this generation that are fabricating the reality of love into something that is less factual and more marketable.

Therefore the result is that we see many relations are digressing from what the sacredness of the ring finger represents in its totality as they would come to the realization that they connected although on a physical sexual level, there’s not really the substance that reflects the deep true love that will be necessary to weather the storms that is grounded in something bigger than their issues.

Thank you for your time make sure you stay plugged in as you explore of the many different avenues that utilize the digits in our hearts.